dinsdag 10 april 2012

Review Too Faced Natural Flirt

Hi there!

Past Saturday I went to Sephora in Breda to get me some amazing new beauty products. I might post a haul of it soon.
I wanted to get the gorgeous Pink Leopard Bronzer by Too Faced and the nice lady offered me this:

It's the Natural Flirt collection.
Because they were doing sales, this collection only costed me €35.70 (the normal price is €42) while normally the bronzer itself is about €30 I think. So I couldn't leave this one, could I? It contains a full size Pink Leopard Bronzer, full size Glamour Gloss in This Is Pretty!, full size Exotic Eyes in Magic Mushroom, a small size of Lash Gasm, small size Shadow Insurance Candlelight and of course the super adorable Petite Pouf retractable brush! All in a beautiful little bag ^^

Now I must say, I actually LOVE this collection! I tried it out right away!
I'll give you a little review of all the pretty products^^

Pink Leopard Bronzer (and Petit Pouf retractable brush)
The pigmentation of the bronzer is really good! It gives a beautiful glow to your skin because of the gold sparkles. I secretly use the pink spots just as a blush, and it gives a really natural finish. You have to be a little careful with the pigmentation though, don't overdo it!
I love the Petit Pouf for this bronzer, just because it's so small. It makes it easier to pick up just the pink pigmentation so I can use that colour as a blush. It's also really easy to handle this brush and it's really soft! And you can take it everywhere with you!!!
It also has a super cute bow, but on the downside, because the brush is so small, my bow sometimes falls off or it gets in my way... But other than that, I really like it!

Glamour Gloss in This Is Pretty!
This pretty lip gloss is supposed to plump your lips a little as well. I do feel it stimulates my lips a little, it's got a minty feel (I'm guessing there's mint in this gloss?) and I like the tingly feeling, but I don't really have the feeling it makes my lips bigger or something.
To me that actually doesn't matter that much, but maybe it does to some people, don't expect too much of it!
The color is really pretty though! It's a rather dark pink colour, with an amazing shine! And it stays on really long for a lip gloss! Usually lip gloss doesn't stay on my lips very long, but this one is really amazing! It stayed on for a couple of hours and I could even eat a little without it fading!
It does feel rather sticky though, so if you're not into that, you might not like it.

Exotic Eyes in Magic Mushroom
This color is very pretty! It's a light pink with gold shimmers. I love eye shadows with gold shimmers, they always match my skin tone so well ^^ This eye shadow has an amazing pigmentation and stayed on all day! (I did use the primer underneath though)

Lash Gasm
I completely fell in love with this mascara after only one use! I just used it once though, but I love it! Many mascaras I've used clump a lot, but this one doesn't clump that much. I've got the feeling that you have to practice on this mascara a little, but it made my lashes longer and fuller as well, so it had the effect I wanted for sure! I might get the full size of this one someday!

Shadow Insurance Candlelight
This primer does a good job! I used it underneath the Magic Mushroom eye shadow. It stayed on all day with a beautiful pigmentation.
It also had some shimmers, so it enlightened my eyes immediately ^^
I like the primer, but I wouldn't really get the full size, because I already have the regular primer. It's good underneath shimmery eye shadows. I think the shimmers of the eye shadow come out better this way, but I don't need a full size of this just for that.

I hope you liked this review!