dinsdag 10 april 2012

A little introduction

Hello there!
Well isn't this the strangest thing, at the moment I still feel like I'm talking to myself...
I hope to meet new people soon!

Oh I haven't properly introduced myself!
Well as you can see in the about me section, I'm Kristien, 20 years old and a social work student. Right now I'm doing my internship of my last year in college I think it's supposed to call in English. Oh, well I'm Belgian you see, so please do pardon me for my mistakes. To be specific, I'm Flemish, so I live in the Flemish (or Dutch, whichever you prefer) speaking part of Belgium. So if you happen to speak dutch, it's totally cool! I just try to keep this blog open internationally ^^.

What else should you know about me? Well, I don't have pets, no specific hobbies anymore (I like to hang out with friends though) and I live with my parents.
I've got a boyfriend for about 2 years and nearly 4 months now, so all is going well.

How I got into makeup? well, I actually don't know! As a child I liked to play with mommy's old mascara (which was actually super dry as I recall) but I don't think that's what really got me interested.
During my high school period I suddenly started to wear makeup regularly. I was in a punk-rock-gothic-metal stage of my life, and always wore black (and pink socks, just because I thought that was hilarious!). Somehow, I like to shock people ^^. Anyway, that's when I started to wear rather heavy make up (mostly black eyeliner). And I started to try out a few looks. Also, I started doing my hair more often too, I dyed it and played around with it.
I guess that's how it all begun.

I'm not that kind of girl that wears make up every day, though I do try to take care of my body a lot by using the right products for me.

So, I guess this is kind of my story... I hope it gave you an idea of what kind of person I am and what I might be writing about in the future ^^


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