zaterdag 2 juni 2012

I want to be more flexible...

Hi everyone

Here's a small update from my life I guess XD

I was watching some video's from Lindsey Stirling and thought: I wan't do be that flexible as well!!
And so for the past weeks, I have been doing some stretching excercises for my back and legs... phew this is exhausting! But, no pain no gain!

Why would I want to be that flexible? Well I love to dance anyway and I just thought it would be really awesome to be able to throw my leg high up in the air, or bend really low!
Doing these excercices reminds me of how weak I actually am now and how muscular I used to be a couple of years ago...

I have been thinking about following ballet classes... But I have no idea where I can follow these, since I'm turning 21 soon! (EEK!!!)

Well I guess this girl should just keep on dreaming and continue studying for her exams -_-

Have a nice day!

Oh and here are some video's from Lindsey Stirling


Electric Daisy Violin


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