woensdag 26 september 2012

How to: clean your make up brushes

Hi there!

Most of you will know that you need to clean your make up brushes. It's more hygienic to clean them after every use. Otherwise, make up, germs and dead skin cells will pile up on your brushes.
To be honest, I didn't clean my make up brushes, I just wiped them off, which caused me to use a make up brush for almost 5 years without ever really cleaning it (don't get me wrong, I only used it once in a while... but it doesn't take away that it's just a bad thing to do...)

But I started to clean my make up brushes. First I looked up how I should do it, but I figured, I don't have any of those special cleaning-tools. Another website told me to use baby shampoo and tea tree oil, but we don't have any of that at home either. So I just started to use products I have at home... Heres what I use and do:

A cup of warm water
2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner (a mild shampoo or a babyshampoo will also do the trick)
Olive oil

Fill the cup halfway (or how much you want, depending on how many brushes you want to clean and how dirty they are) with warm water. Add a bit of shampoo (about a teaspoon, I just squeeze my bottle a bit until I'm satisfied) and a few drops of olive oil (also about a teaspoon, I usually just guess and hope I don't use too much or little)
The shampoo will clean them (and the conditioning part of the shampoo will keep the brushes soft) and the olive oil will keep your brushes nice and soft

Put the brushes in the water and stir until your water starts to foam a bit and the olive oil gets mixed in the water.

One by one, wash the brushes, use your fingers to get them all clean. I scratch a little bit in between the bristles to look if they're clean. You can see the dirt under your fingernails if they're not ^^. Do this for at least 30 seconds, but depending on how dirty they are you can do this longer.

Rinse your brushes off with warm water to get all of the shampoo out (remember the pain it causes when you get shampoo in your eyes?). I use my fingers to spread the bristles here as well and hold them one by one under the running water.

Wipe the brushes of with a clean towel en leave them to dry. Your make up brushes are as good as new ^^ Don't be like I was! Clean your make up brushes!!

Hope you'll have a nice day!

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