vrijdag 18 januari 2013

Lancôme Artliner replacements

Hi folks!
Long timeno blogging (sorryyyyyyy I've been terribly busy with my internship and I haven't had the time or energy to write about all kinds of subjects I had to do a lot of research for)
But I have found something new to write about ^^
For a while, I have been looking for the perfect cruelty free replacement for my favourite (liquid) eye liner: Art Liner by Lancôme. I've been reading a couple reviews and decided to try out a few, here are the ones I decided to give a go:

Too Faced 3*Way Lash Lining Tool

I like the formula of this eye liner, but I'm not very fond of the brush. It's supposed to be very easy for people who aren't great with using eye liner, but I find it very difficult to use because of the brush. I find it hard to dot in between my lashes which gives me a very uneven line... so I try to go over it again to make it more even and I get a thicker line... Not my favrouite eye liner for a thin line, but since it's still nice black and stays all day, I like to use it for a slightly bigger line. I really like that this brush is velvet though, not hard on my eyes at all!
Price: $22 on the website, €21 in Sephora Breda (I got 10% off)
Formula: Nice opaque black, long lasting
Brush: Slightly difficult to use (while it's supposed to be easier), nice felt brush
Waterproof: No
Vegan: Yes
Other plus-sides:no fragrance, dries rather quickly, longlasting
Other downsides: Haven't found it in Belgium yet so I have to go to the Netherlands to get it, need more practice

My verdict: 8/10
If I get more practice, I'll definately love this one even more and it will be an awesome replacement

Sleek Dip It Eyeliner

I love this one!! Sometimes drugstore make up doens't give me the opaque black I want or irritates my eyes (happened once with a gosh eye liner). This one is a good opaque black, doesn't irritate my eyes, and it's user-friendly, I'm able to make very thin lines with this one. The brush doesn't bend as much as the Artliner does, but it's also a felt tip or very similar ^^ It's smaller than the Artliner (and because of that it appears to be thicker, which will be more clear in the pictures below)
Sometimes I get a little too much on my brush so I clean it off a little at the bottle. I also sometimes need just a little bit more but dipping it back in gives me way too much product. I would have liked it better if the liquid would not be in a bottle but inside of the pen...

Price: €5,50 on the website, I paid €4,99 in Jinny's (Antwerp)
Brush: Rather small brush, felt tip? Quite easy to use, could be longer (maybe thinner at the end?) and more bendable

Waterproof: No
Vegan: No (but vegetarian)
Other plus-sides: longlasting, lots of colours

Other downsides: difficult to get the right amount of product, applying too much makes drying-time longer

My verdict: 8,5/10
Rating this one was difficult because I feel like I'm more fond of this one, because it's so cheap and I think I like both the Too Faced and Sleek eye liners just as much... But looking at the price... Also like this brush a little better, but I liked it better that the Too faced one has it's liquid inside the pen instead of a bottle.

Others I would like to try out: Illamasqua Precision Ink (It looks like it would have an awesome brush, I feel like that one would be the perfect replacement XD )

 Here are the pictures of the eye liners:

Lancôme Artliner

Too Faced 3*Way Lash Lining Tool

Sleek Dip It Eyeliner

As you can tell: the Artliner has the longest, finest brush, it's also more bendable which makes it so easy to follow your lashline.
With these two it's at least not as hard to say goodbye to the Artliner once it's finished....

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be working for school and internship now. But first, I need some sleep!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That Too Faced liner confuses me! I have no clue how it could be handy. Oh yeah 3 tips to focus on instead of one, great! o_O

    I'm going to have to try out that Sleek liner though. :D

    The Essence gel liners hold up insane as well i've found. (which I never expected, ever.)

    1. Clinique has one like that as well, apparantly it should be easy to put dots on your lashline and you kinda connect them to each other... but that's just one big mess XD but the 3 tips make it a lot harder to line the eyes in only 1 try :(

      I haven't tried those yet, but I'm very fond of the Catrice gel liner! I just don't use gel liner as much because I don't like to clean my brushes XD

      I actually want to buy some illamasqua sale products, but I would need my parents' credit card and somehow I'm afraid to ask since I've bought 2 pairs of new shoes already XD
      It's my money though :p