woensdag 6 februari 2013

Antwerp experience & membership @ WWF

Today is just going to be a quick blogpost about a fun experience today...
I just applied to Antwerp University to study Sociology (I just graduated as a Social Worker, I wanted to go a little further so I'm going to master in Sociology now)

Went shopping for a little bit (I just got some money, can't help it, I need to spend it ;) ) And I went back to the train station to head home...
There were some people from an organisation to stop people and ask them to become member of a good cause, this time it was WWF... I always told myself: I'll do that when I've got a job, then it would definately be WWF... So they stopped me, and I talked to one of them for a while, I felt really bad because I had to turn him down, but hey I don't have an income!
I think we had been talking for 15 minutes until I finally coninued to catch my train... Well I still had a lot of time left, so I just sat there, thinking, watching an old man feed his dog half of his hot dog... And suddenly I realised I felt really bad, I just bought some (cruelty free) make up, I bought some Illamasqua make up last week... Why would this be too much to support? I can cancel it anyway if I really don't have enough money anymore...

So I went back, told the boy he made me feel really bad! And here I am, a new WWF member XD
Apparantly he never experienced something like this either, someone that came back and especially that quick! :D
I'm still not 100% sure if I can keep this up, because I don't know if I can handly Antwerp and its wonderful shops but I'll do my best and comfort myself that I'm doing it all for a good cause. I love WWF anyway so yeah ^^
Oh and I also got a tiger plushie yaaayyyy
Look how sad it looks awwww (mine is orange though :p )

Oh and since I just graduated and got some Illamasqua and sleek goodies, I'll be posting 2 blogposts about those soon ;)

Wish me luck in Antwerp! I think I'm going to make lots of new friends... if not, I'll just kick some ass!! HIYA!
P.S.: People are so kind when I'm alone! In Saturn people helped me right away to find a tv series (maybe because it wasn't busy) and a random guy asked me to drink coffee with him, but I found that a little too scary for now, maybe when I'm more used to Antwerp? He was kind to me though, just didn't want to give the wrong signals you know :p


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  1. Ohh great that you're being approached like that :D i'm sure it'll happen in school too. You look like a really friendly person, must be all the colors hehe.
    And I hate how they always make you feel bad though, the volunteers -_-' sometimes it makes me angry and I just say NOT INTERESTED and walk past, over here they even follow you then.
    Once I said i'm already involved in animal care, then she said "oh don't humans deserve attention?" I could strangle her.