woensdag 18 juli 2012

Back from London

Hello all!

I recently went to London... SHOPPING!!!! I love this city and can't stop going there. I think it's been nearly 10 times now that I've been there, a bit less XD
My next blogpost will be a haul from London ^^ I'm not sure yet if I'll just keep it to make up or do some clothes and shoes as well XD I might do 2, who knows...

I didn't expect to buy any make up there because I was with my mom and I barely ever go buy make up with her, she thinks I already have more than enough (is that even possible?!) but I got lots of stuff from brands I can't find in Belgium and I'm so excited, I can't wait to try them all out and make some gorgeous looks!

Also, another update, I won one of the prizes from a contest by Make up and me
I won the Lipgloss: 12 Shiny Papaya and Nail art: 0 Night in Vegas (the winner Laura chose herself)
So thanks a lot Laura!! I'll be posting my look (and other try-outs) as well soon.

I'll try to keep up more with this blog, make more time for it ^^


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