maandag 30 juli 2012

Lush: Emoitional Brilliance

Hi there!

Since july 21 Lush has lanced the emotional brilliance make up line.

I went to Lush Antwerp recently and tried out some of their colours and I must say that they look really beautiful!
I got a few swatches on my hand and I kinda fell in love with the orange lipstick (I think it's vibrance) which could also look amazing as an eyeshadow!
There is a price tag though. They were nearly 18 euros for one colour. The mascara was about 14-15 euros I think.But you do get some nice quality make up, it's not tested on animals and they're as little preservatives as possible and as much natural products as possible ^^
Also you can colour your mood! Do try to take a spin on
It sure is a lot of fun to do and you'll get to know more about yourself (at least if you do believe in it of course :p )

Have a nice day!

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