donderdag 26 juli 2012

London Haul (Illamasqua, Sleek & Star Gazer)

Hello friends!
As promised, Here's a haul of what make up I got in London. I was so happy to find Illamasqua and Sleek there. I also found some Barry M, but it was time to stop buying make up (at least, that's what my mother thought, sadly).

So here's my collection of new make up!

Illamasqua: Medium Pencil in Errant
This medium pencil is a dark blackened teal. It goes on smoothly and I use it often with the next 2 products (liquid metal in Stoic and pure pigment in Conquer)

Illamasqua: Liquid Metal in Stoic
The liquid metal is very creamy. I love the colour, it's very pigmented, the downside is that because it's so creamy it creases a lot. I always set it with the pure pigment in conquer, this helps a little.
I love to use it as an eye liner only, this way it doesn't crease either ^^
But it makes beautiful smokey eyes and using pigments over it can create some awesome effects!

Illamasqua: Pure Pigment in Conquer
This one, I always ude to set the liquid metal in Stoic! The colour is gorgeous, and I love the packaging (there's a small hole where you can get the pigments out). This way I don't spill too much. It does cause a lot of fallout, so I make sure to use my bb cream and/or concealer afterwards.

Illamasqua: Fundamental Palette
This was actually the first thing I got, in Selfridges. I was looking for a yellow eye shadow and when I tried it out, purple would look amazing with it. So I was planning to buy those two eye shadows, when the guy there told me that if I got this palette, it would cost as much as those 2 colours. So of course I got this palette instead. I love the purple and yellow eye shadows and I'm sure I'm going to like the liquid metal in surge (upper right corner) as well. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to use the cream pigment in bedaub (the one in the lower left corner) but I'm sure I'll find a way to use it ^^

Illamasqua Sealing Gel
This is the last thing I got from Illamasqua. This sealing gel can make any eye shadow into a waterproof eye liner. I haven't tried it out yet but the girl at the shop showed it to me and it looked absolutely amazing! One bottle should go a long time and you buy them per pair.

Sleek: ultra mattes VI BRIGHTS palette
This palette looks amazing. When I first saw it at the show I was a little bit disappointed because I thought the palette would be bigger. This was the first time I saw sleek palettes. But actually they're not that small, you get plenty of eyeshadow and they're very pigmented. I only tried out 2 colours now but I think this palette is a very good addition to my collection. Now I can finally experiment with a lot of bright colours ^^
The packaging isn't really my favourite, because I find it rather hard to open XD
I found this one at a drug store in Camden.

Star Gazer nail polish 138 (Dark Green)
When I went toCamden Market, we found a cute shop and bought some clothes there. When we were going to pay, there were some nail polishes and lipsticks. my mother asked me if I wanted some, but I told her I probably couldn't get it because I don't know the brand and I don't know if it's tested on animal. The lasy at the shop told me that it wasn't. Her friend (also at that shop) was vegan and she only uses vegan products. I trusted her.
Until now I only found little information, but on their own website they indeed say that they do not test on animals. Also, an other website I found that they should be safe to use. ^^
I haven't tried this one out yet (because I'm trying to grow my nails again before using nail polish) but I liked the colour. I love greens XD

So there's still a lot for me to try out, although I have tried a couple of looks with my illamasqua products already. I don't have pictures of those but in the future I will show you a couple of make up looks ^^

Hope you'll have a great summer!

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